Muay Thai

Muay Thai

So you're thinking about taking our Adult Muay Thai Kickboxing program? Excellent! Kickboxing is a fantastic way to get fit, beat out stress, and meet interesting people with similar interests and goals. Regardless of age, ability or current fitness level you will quickly begin to realize the benefits of World Kickboxing Academy's Adult Muay Thai program.

At World Kickboxing Academy you'll enjoy an authentic, high-energy Muay Thai Kickboxing program that will motivate you to push yourself further than you ever thought possible. Muay Thai Kickboxing in Stow is an intense Martial Arts workout that build that builds strength, speed, timing, stamina and power while gaining confidence, strength, and flexibility.

champion-fit kickboxing

champion-fit kickboxing

You'll Learn
Muscle and Fitness Magazine rated aerobic kickboxing as the number one calorie-burning workout at over 800 calories burned an hour! It’s an exhilarating thigh-burning, calorie crunching workout that’s taking America by storm.

You'll Burn
Other workouts can tone your thighs, buttocks and hips, but ours does it while teaching you self-defense techniques like jabbing, kicking, punching and blocking. You’re not just mindlessly dancing around; you’re learning to protect yourself!



The most powerful, exciting, and calorie-killing workout of your life. Cardio and strength training combined with kickboxing to give you a workout that produces amazing results.



Discover the stow Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program that's turning our city's men and women into insanely awesome grapplers. Amazing instructors. Great fitness and conditioning. Beginners Welcome.

About World Kickboxing Academy

You won't find our style of programming anywhere else! We're a dynamic, fast paced get it done style school with fitness in mind! Our modern and super cool facility will blow you away as you step on to the mat for some traditional Muay Thai training and the absolute best Cardio Kickboxing classes.

Train With a Champion

UFC Veteran Ryan ``The Lion`` Madigan can help you achieve your fitness goals

flexible class schedule

We've got you covered whether you want to train in the morning, afternoon, or evening.

Clean, MOdern facility

You'll be blown away by our state-of-the-industry fitness center located in the heart of Stow, Ohio.

Get fit while having fun

From your shoulders to your curves, you'll become Leaner and Stronger, you'll Tighten and Tone your body, Increase Your Confidence, Reduce Your Stress level while having fun in a Clean, Safe Family Environment!


Finally a Kick-Butt, Sweat Pouring, Bag Slamming, Aggression Releasing, Power Punching Workout for the ``Bored-With-the-Spa-Scene,`` Raging Kickboxer Deep Inside us all!

Take Your Game to the Next Level

Whether you are looking to learn the basics and fundamentals, take your game to the next level, or train towards a professional appearance, Mr. Madigan can help you get you there.


Monday- 11:30-1:30PM | 4:00-8:30PM
Tuesday- 11:30-1:30PM | 4:00-8:30PM
Wednesday- 11:30-1:30PM | 4:00-8:30PM
Thursday- 11:30-1:30PM | 4:00-8:30PM
Saturday 9:30AM-12:15PM

(Closed Friday & Sunday)


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    Muay Thai Belt Testing
    12:00pm | All Ranks
    5:00pm | Thai Children’s All Ranks
    5:45pm | Thai White to Yellow, Yellow to Yellow Tip
    6:30pm | Thai All Remaining Ranks

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